Quality Engineering Manager


This is an interesting role because what we are looking for cannot easily been read on a resume. 

Our site (as well as globally) is going through a lot of transition.  We are commanding anywhere from 50-80% in market share within the markets we are doing business and we have grown significantly in site/headcount since 2013 as well as sales/revenue. 

We just brought in a fantastic new head of quality who wants to take global quality to the next level.  We are looking for someone who:

•Comes from a high-volume manufacturing background (does not necessarily have to be semiconductor…although this could be a plus)

•Must be use to 24/7 fast paced manufacturing environment.

•High-energy individual

•Roll-up sleeves kind of person!

•We are looking for a strong leader; we are not looking for a green up-and-comer. 

Okay here are the biggies:

•Six-Sigma/Lean all those fancy terms a must!

•This is not a sit at the desk and admin the QMS or someone who wants to just deliver fancy metrics about what is broken/non-compliant.  We do not want someone who is going to be a quality police.  We are not looking for someone who walked into an organization that was smooth sailing with a nice quality system and just admined the system along…

•We want a proactive, solutions-oriented individual. 

•Resolution facilitator

•We want someone who has come in to a broken quality system and fixed it.  We want someone who wants to be part of the change.


Still working with managers to get more details.  (Some ITAR restrictions here as well)

The Quality Engineering Manager will ensure that Strategic Quality Framework is Communicated, Implemented and Sustained at their Site.

The Quality Engineering Manager will provide the site with a Quality System that positively impacts business performance and Improvement.

SECTION 2: Main Responsibilities, Provides proactive Quality expertise to enable the site to be audit ready

QMS, Provides the leadership team with usable Quality data which supports improvement

Data Strategy, Proactively Engineers Quality into the sites end to end processes

APQP, Facilitates & Validates Resolution of Customer Complaints – “8D process”

Problem solving

Enablers: The Quality Engineering Manager will produce a site specific A3 for all main responsibilities to enable visibility of specific actions that are needed to achieve success.

SECTION 3: Qualifications / Experience:

•Degree qualified.

•Extensive experience working in Quality Management, Improvement, Control and Assurance.

•Working Knowledge of Advanced Quality & Continuous Improvement tools.

•Experience in implementing and Managing Quality Accreditation.


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