Equipment Technician for SPTS/Oxford/Plasmatherm


We are hiring for the position of an Equipment Technician. This individual will be responsible for refurbishment of SPTS, Oxford, and Plasmatherm plasma etch and deposition tools including but not limited to:

SPTS:Multiplex platform, Pegasus platform

Oxford: PlasmaLab 80 platform, PlasmaLab 100 platform, PlasmaLab 800 platform

Plasmatherm: Shuttlelock platform, Versalock platform

Primary Job Duties:

Repair and refurbish STS, Oxford and Plasmatherm equipment

Field Service or OEM experience required

Initial testing and diagnostic checks of equipment

Perform electrical or mechanical troubleshooting to determine problems

Perform Preventative Maintenance (dismantle, adjust, repair, and reassemble equipment)

Perform equipment set-up changes, modifications, and upgrades

Support equipment servicing activities in facility as needed

Test RF generators on a 50 ohm test load with Bird Watt Meter to verify operation.

Required Skills:

Expertise on STS, Oxford and Plasmatherm plasma etch and deposition tools

Thorough understanding of equipment failure fault finding on, Oxford and Plasmatherm plasma etch and deposition tools

Leak Test vacuum systems after refurbishment to ensure vacuum integrity

Familiarity with PC and PLC controlled systems

Familiarity with Brooks robots and handlers

Strong work ethic, self-motivated

Meticulous and quality focused

Ability to multitask and work with minimal supervision

Keep detailed notes of accomplishments and tasks

Minimum Requirements:

At least 3-4 years experience in similar position

Computer literacy and experience with MS Word and Excel required

Must be able to work overtime when required

Permanent legal resident status is required


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