Affirmative Action Coordinator


Provide support in coordinating our Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity programs. Provide on-going data analysis and audit support for affirmative action and other areas of human resources. Reports to Corporate Administrative Director, Human Resources.  Bachelor's Degree in HR or related field required.  3-5 years of human resources experience, AAP experience required, preferably in a multi-campus organization.


Duties/essential functions may include, but not be limited to, the following:

 -Receive and investigate formal discrimination complaints; write reports and issue findings of fact, determination, and recommendations in complaints.

-Provide statistical information to Corporate Chief Human Resources Officer as needed

-Analyze data quantitatively and qualitatively to identify trends, strengths and opportunities for improvement in recruitment, and achievement of affirmative action goals.

-Extract, compile, and analyze employee demographic data and prepare reports as required.


-Perform related duties as assigned.

-2+ years of experience in investigating affirmative action/equal employment opportunity complaints and compiling, analyzing and summarizing data for management decision making purposes; must understand the components of an affirmative action plan.


Knowledge Of:

-Federal and state affirmative action/equal opportunity laws and regulations

-Current affirmative action and EO related issues, developments, and trends

-Principles and practices guiding investigations of alleged workplace harassment or discrimination


Excellent verbal and written communication skills, MS office proficiency, proven ability to manage projects and experience providing administrative support are required.


Ability to work in a fast paced environment!


Benefits - Full

2+ to 5 years experience

Minimum Education - Bachelor's Degree

Willingness to Travel - Occasionally


The ideal candidate for this position will have previous experience with Affirmative Action Planning for an organization comparible in size to ours, if not larger.  Must have knowledge of planning for multicampus organizations.


Ideal Candidate should have worked for the following company(ies): Large Healthcare Facilities, Multi-Campus organizations with a minimum of 8000 employees


Location: NJ