Physician Assistant 



Be a graduate Physician Assistant qualified by academic and practical education to provide patient services as a physician extender under supervision of a physician.


Be a graduate of a Physician Assistant Training Program accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA), or its predecessors, and acceptable to the Surgeon General, USAF, is mandatory. 


Certification as a Physician Assistant by the National Committee on Certification Physician Assistants (NCCPA) is required.


Have at least 24 months of experience as a Physician Assistant within the last 36 months.


Residency (12 months or more) or proof of training in Occupational Medicine.

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) approved training and certification in spirometry


Minimum 1 year professional experience with occupational medicine practices, principles, and theories to carry professional responsibility for cases involving a wide range of injury and illnesses


Minimum 1 year professional experience dealing with physical, chemical, biological, and/or radiological workplace hazards, the health effects of each on individuals, and groups of workers, and the prevention of adverse health effects


Trained to read and interpret abnormal radiology, EKG, PFT, and lab results and accomplish appropriated actions


Ability to directly apply professional assessment, diagnostic, and intervention skills to individuals and groups of workers


Minimum 1 year professional experience dealing with safety and security regulations, practices, and procedures





The duties include but are not limited to the following: 


Provides primary or specialty medical care with the cognizance or supervision of a physician.


Responsible for a regularly appointed clinic, compatible with workload and, in addition, provide immediate evaluation and management of emergent problems as they occur.  Shall have the capability to:


Collect and record, in proper format, medical and social historical data appropriate to the patient's condition.


Perform a general physical examination. 


May become the primary care manager for a panel of patients.  As a PCM, will be the primary person responsible for the management of the health and wellness of assigned patients.  Duties include: 


Examination of patients, formulation differential diagnostic plans, defines and orders required diagnostic testing.


Interpretation of examination findings and test results, and implementation of treatment plans.


Determines need for consultation and assists in medical care and treatment provided at the direction of other specialists.


Approving/disapproving subspecialty referrals.


Answering patient telephone consults with the assistance of clinic staff.


Providing primary and secondary preventive maintenance care.


Admit inpatients as per the local MTF instructions.


Recognize those more complicated cases, initiate treatment (if appropriate), and refer to a higher level of medical expertise for diagnosis and/or treatment.


Plan and initiate proper treatment within defined privileges and the scope of practice of the facility.


Identify and report those situations and individual cases which have public health significance and carry out effective control measures.


Clearly communicate to other health personnel either orally or in writing the findings, diagnosis, and planned treatment regimen.


Stabilize and manage a patient in a medical or surgical emergency and/or transfer to physician care.


Determine appropriate means of evacuation of emergency patients, prepare patients for evacuation, and arrange for evacuation support.


Perform the following blocks:  Digital, Local Infiltration, and Intercostal


Perform urological procedures.


Maintain inpatient and outpatient medical records in accordance with MTF procedures. 


Properly evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients of the Occupational Medicine Services (OMS) clinic as directed by the Chief of Occupational Medicine (COM) or the appointed OMS physician or physicians


Medical care and treatment of injuries or illnesses of employees, and OSHA expanded standard required physicals, pre-placement exams, return to duty exam, fitness for duty exams, pre-deployment exams 


Appropriately reviews work place exposure data, AF 2755, and occupational medical exam requirements, AF 2766, to ensure proper evaluation is performed and completion of all Occupational Health Medical Exam (OHME) requirements


Performs return to work (RTW) assessments/evaluations, OSHA physicals, deployments, and TDY physicals to make appropriate recommendations from findings and accomplishes OHME

Base Salary - $110,000 to $115,000 
Benefits - Full 
Relocation Assistance Available - Possible for ideal candidate 
2+ to 5 years experience
Skills and Certifications
3 yrs of experience in a military occupational health setting

Additional Details
Location: VA